Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna's Passing

I've gotta say, I'm getting pretty disgusted by the things people are saying about Anna Nicole Smith's passing.

I have little doubt that drugs and poor judgement were involved in her death, just as they were in his life, but statements like "good riddance" seem to cross a certain line.

Saying her child will be better off with her DEAD is not only cold-blooded, it's also a waste of these people's precognitive abilities; go to Vegas.

Finally, the hate toward people who achieve fame through strange or largely insubstantial means seems more like jealousy than anything else. I can understand being tired of seeing and hearing about certain people for no reason other than the fact that they went to THIS party instead of THAT club. But to take that annoyance or disdain and channel it into seething hatred is just as extreme as taking a mild attraction for a tv personality into a full-blown obsession. Both cases lead to more news coverage for these people.

And they are still people, despite the fact that their screw-ups are more likely to make the news than yours or mine. Let's try to remember that the next time we're celebrating someone's death just because "too many" others celebrating his or her life.


Miz JJ said...

Society is obsessed with celebrities. Her death is getting more publicity than when Gerald Ford died. I can understand people's irritation with it all. I am not saying you should be glad she died, but I can say that I am sort of indifferent.

West said...

Your point is well-made and well-taken.

I'd point out, though, that we hadn't heard much from or about Gerald Ford in decades.

In addition to that fact, there was no autopsy on Gerald Ford. I've heard of no questions of foul play, in his case. He wasn't a part of a high-stakes monetary dispute. He hadn't recently lost a child under apparently similar circumstances.

And finally, Gerald Ford wasn't 39 years old.

Not one thing I've just mentioned means that any of us should be interested in or sad about Ms. Smith's passing.

I think, though, it helps to explain the difference between the reaction to her death and that of the half-term, unelected President whose claim-to-fame was pardoning the disgraced Richard Nixon.

Jdid said...

I'm not celebrating her death but I find the coverage to be overkill. Wouldnt call it jealousy either just a curiosity as to why folk like her and some others like Paris are famous. Its like we're extending the bounds of what makes you famous.

Oh well, I find her passing a bit sad especially with the numerous men coming out the woodwork to claim the kid. poor kid

Remnants of U said...

I was tired of hearing about her before her death. But I certainly didn't wish her any ill-will, and do not celebrate her death.

I do feel so sad for her baby.