Friday, January 19, 2007

Fall for Me

Forgive me. Y'all know I have to do this once in a while.

If you fall, let it not be in-vain.

Tell me how you stumbled, that I may walk on solid ground.

Help me to follow in your footsteps without falling in your footsteps.

Tell me of the cracks in my sidewalk, the potholes in my lawn, the chinks in my armor, and the dusk before the dawn.

Fall low for those that follow.


Shai said...

Wow! Did you write that?

West said...

Yes, ma'am.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Shai said...

You are a great writer. Do you have a book put together yet?

West said...

Thanks. I'm doing good to have a Blogger account. :p

Anonymous said...

LOL at "I'm doing good to have a Blogger account."

A film critic with an occaisional poem. I'd subscribe.

Great job!