Wednesday, December 06, 2006

GRIPE - Right the First Time

I'm really tired of expressing an idea, having it rejected or ignored, then seeing people fall all over themselves to praise or respect the idea ... AFTER someone else suggests the same damned thing.

This happens everywhere, so it's not just a work thing. It still stings, at work, though. It feels like a slap in the face and I'm getting tired of turning the other cheek.

Of course, I recognize the value of more than one person suggesting a particular course of action, but if it was a true and good idea when Janey suggested it, then it was true and good when *I* suggested it in the first place.

Honestly, this precisely why I want to avoid the corporate world like the plague - on all levels, especially management. A smarter person might have the exact opposite reaction but, I've seen this happen on all levels. So, it's beginning to feel like almost anything that reduces the number of meetings I have to attend or opinions I'm obligated to share, is a good thing.


Francis Michael O'Halloran said...


When I was in the corporate world, I got tired of having my opinions overlooked and discarded too.

I found that only people who didn't disregard my opinions were the people I had to supervise or train. The guy above me barely listened but I damn well could get the person below me too.

Maybe if you exert your influence on the people below you, then you'll feel more empowered.

Don't bow out of the race. It sucks but in the corporate world, you always gotta have your face out there or else you'll just keep getting passed over for the things (and recognition) you deserve.

West said...

I appreciate it, but I wouldn't wanna flex all over other folks. That'd feel too much like the trickle down-effect (or abuse).

I dunno, man. Maybe I'm too close to it, right now, but I'll re-read your comments, again, with fresh eyes, in a minute.

Francis M O'Halloran said...

I'm sorry but I wasn't very clear and came off the wrong way.

I too used to feel that I was not listened to. I had to tolerate it but it was aggravating.

Eventually, I was given responsibility to train others and guide them in the practices of the job. Basically, I trained the people under me to do things the way I like them to be done. This way I was able to make my world more the way I wanted it to be. I trained the people below me to do the things I liked and it really helped remove what I thought were some inefficiencies.

One other thing I found in the corporate world is that if you have an idea to improve things, it's best to just put that idea in practice for yourself and your professional responsibility. If it's a good idea someone will notice and it will take a life on its own. Furthermore, it was more satisfying to me to do things my special way.

West said...

That makes a lotta sense. Thanks.

Shai said...

I feel ya. I was once the only female in a work unit and I was ignored. I laughed to myself when some of my own comments/suggestions came out of other's mouths.

It is hard to sit back and be ignored. I can say I had times my voice was heard and an idea put into working documents and procedures.

At the end of the day, I got paid and got to work on other stuff.

Luke Cage said...

Damn brotha, I hate hearing that happened to you too. It's got to be something like the 4th or 5th time a blogger has mentioned something akin to what you went through (going through) the past couple of weeks.

I'm like, what's going on in the corporate world and how can folks be so shallow? Why not at least give "some" credit to the originator of the idea some props for coming up with the concept?

And how do they stand themselves in the mirror the next day?? Dayum!

West said...

I think some folks get it in their heads that 1) "different" is bad and 2) the source is everything.

From that perspective, someone suggesting an alternative is like slapping you in the face.

Also, it's easier to dismiss someone when you apply the "argumentative" (or a similar) label to them. The source becomes everything.

"No, I don't think we'll... Oh, Becky suggested it? Well, maybe it's worth a try."