Friday, December 08, 2006

ebaY - Laptop battery recall

I'm selling a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop computer (along with other items). The Dell 600m auction ends tomorrow.

For anyone concerned about the Dell battery recall, feel free to visit to verify for yourself what I've already discovered: The battery that comes with the laptop in this auction is not affected by the Dell battery recall.

The relevant characters from this laptop battery are C2451, as you can see in the picture below.

Click image to enlarge:

Good luck bidding!


Luke Cage said...

I've got a Latitude 620D Dell laptop that wasn't affected by the battery recall either man.. I'll go check out your other items. I'm a Ebay junkee.. I should stay away, but it just keeps calling me and calling me... lol

West said...

I use the blog, sometimes, to post stuff I can't or don't want to put on the auction page.

In this case, someone had a question about the battery recall. This was my way of addressing it.

I wasn't trying to induce spontaneous drooling. :-)