Wednesday, December 06, 2006

COMICS - Warren piece(s)

In CBR's preview of an upcoming Adam Warren-penned Iron Man series, they present some preview pictures.

Some of the (apparently Mark Waid-inspired) caption text said:

"I am Iron Man."
"I am Tony."
"I am Tony Stark."

But, if you flip that image up-side down, to get a good look at that helmet design,...
... maybe a more appropriate caption would be:

"I am Braniac."*

* - Notice the three dots and almost skeletal face-plate Iron Man borrows from Brainiac's designs.

While I'm at it, apparently, Adam Warren's (the writer of the above-mentioned Iron Man series, one-shot or whatever) "Empowered" also features a character design that's heavily inspired by another comic book character (or two) - specifically...
... a cross between DC Comics' "The Star-Spangled Kid"**...

...and Marvel Comics' "Spider-Woman."***
Nothing so wrong with that, of course, but I thought it was interesting.
Honestly, I'm looking forward to that Iron Man story (mostly on the strength of the look, to be honest; I haven't read much of the write-up, yet) and that Empowered story (since it's got that LIVEWIRES and PAPER, SCISSORS, STONE or whatever look goin' on).

** - Notice the similar hair, mid-drift, and blue tights of StarGirl.
*** - Notice the similarity to Spider-Woman's eyes and yellow & black triangles.


Luke Cage said...

That's pretty good West. The comparisons are just and the likenesses are definitely there. I would've missed it myself seeing as there are so many inspirations from other characters when new characters are created. -lol@ Stargirls' mid-drift. That cinched it...

West said...

Since I posted this, I've been surprised when folks agree. Usually, the person disagrees with at least one of the two examples.

They seemed really obvious to me, though.