Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick Hits: Positivity

I've had enough negativity in my life the past few months, including some stuff I'll probably post about in the coming hours and days. I thought I'd take a second to acknowledge some of the more pleasant things I've encountered.
* good gas
I'd never have guessed that a big ole SUV would or could get 26+ miles per gallon, even on the highway, without the air conditioner running. My wallet thanked me for that one.
You probably thought this one was about Taco Bell.

* good grass
No, not THAT kinda grass.
Georgia leaves in Autumn. Although they didn't show up on my camera pix too well, the trees on either side of I-75 were vibrant with explosive displays of orange, yellows, and reds.

* good meals
I've blogged before about Mary Mac's Tea Room, a restaurant off Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. The breads and service weren't as good, this time, but the entrees were outstanding (though cold). And yes, the meal was free, as a result.

* good deals
Contrary to what some might presume, I only care about name-brands when they translate to quality merchandise. Discover Mills, outside of Atlanta, has a Saks Fifth Avenue with the best selection of men's shoes that I've ever seen and the prices are (relatively) low. I got a pair for myself and a pair for my step-father.
And while I was finishing this list, my girlfriend called to say her car repair was finished. For HER, I was willing to ask a co-worker for a ride, to pick up the car. So, I guess that I'm thankful for having a co-worker kind enough to drive me half a mile down the road (cuz she didn't HAVE to do that) and for the fact that, so far, my g.f.'s car is performing well.

I guess I'm getting an early start on Thanksgiving.


Miz JJ said...

Lol @ good grass.

Good to hear that your SUV is giving you decent gas mileage. I drove a Toyota Prius Hybrid this weekend. I think I am sold on the hybrids. I know that Ford is going to be making the Escape in a hybrid. I think my next car will be a hybrid. Drove over 600 miles and only had to fill up once!

West said...

That's excellent.

I've thought about the hybrid thing and, ultimately, that kind of purchase isn't so much about personal savings as it is about the environment (i.e. decreased consumption of fossil fuels). Nuttin' wrong wit' dat, of course, but I say that because a hybrid purchase would cost thousands more so that I could save hundreds.

Again, though, that's an excellent global contribution and highly responsible of you.

By the way, I can get about the same distance in the SUV, as we went about 275 miles on half a tank of gas... but I'm not crazy. I know my tank is about 23 gallons and yours is about the size of a cup o' coffee.