Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dog eat Dog

Dogs are so doggone funny.


chele said...

LOL ... that is why I can't have a dog. Watching that possessed behavior would freak me out.

West said...


That is on the rather extreme end of the canine neuroses spectrum. Still, it'd crack me up.

Anonymous said...

I know dogs are not self aware but this dog is just f-ing stupid. Funny stuff man.

Luke Cage said...

Yooooo, I saw this about a year ago man. It tripped me the fugg out! What in the world is that dog doing? Do you see its face though West and the kids laughing in the background???

And I've got the corresponding video after that too with the Quadruplets that cuts off.. funny stuff!

West said...

The kids' laughter reminds me of myself and my cousins laughing at the various dogs we've had over the years. They often have these weird little things that they do that just crack us the hell up - especially my old ass.

The HELL is up with that "floating leg?!" lol