Sunday, November 05, 2006

COMICS - McDuffie's "Prince"

I've been working hard, cataloging my comic book collection, lately. One thing that makes the task fun is discovering that familiar creators worked on books I've owned since before I knew ANY creator's name (outside of Stan Lee's).

This is one such example.

I decided to actually *gasp* purchase some software to aid me in my task. Mostly, I purchased it because it's linked to a vast database that prepopulates fields for me.

Well, just now, I looked up a book that wasn't represented in the database. It happens, sometimes.

The book was simply called "Prince" (assuming that lil symbol thingee counts as an "i").

While looking for the year it came out and other information, I realized I'd skipped the credits page. It read as follows:

Alter Ego








I've owned this book since high school and never had any clue about the credits. I'd always hesitated to sell it because its very existence has always tripped me out. Also, I had a buddy in high school who was a huge Prince fan and, somehow, I feel like I'd be doing him wrong.

Anyway, with my luck, this has been discussed t'death, already, but it's news to me. Maybe it'll be news to some of you, as well.

If it ain't news and there are interesting tales related to this book, please link me or something. I'd love to read'em. Thanks.

Oh yeah, here's the cover:


Francis Michael O'Halloran said...

Hey West,

Who did the cover? It looks beautiful, is it Brian Bolland?

Luke Cage said...

WHOA!!! Look at his purple highness. That's a pretty awesome pick drawn of him. I'm interested as well to know who the cover artist is...

West said...

I'm not sure about the cover artist. I'll try to remember to take a look at the credits at the end of the book. Maybe they credit the cover artist.

I can see why Francis thinks it's a Bolland.

Apparently, there's another Prince comic out there, but I don't own a/can't find my copy.

Miz JJ said...

Prince the comic book? Must have been a pain when he changed his name to the symbol.

princessdominique said...

lol I remember that!

Anonymous said...

I can relate. I love finding out that old comics I enjoyed were written or drawn by my current favorite creators when they were coming up. It always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

The artwork does look like Brian Bollands. Could be early Adam Hughes. It's hard to tell when it's an image of an actual person. Artist tend to copy what they see rather than add there usual style markings.

West said...

Francis, this larger image confirms that it is a Bolland.

Thanks to Paul Storrie on McDuffie's board, for the resolution. (Looks like that was the Wizard board where someone said it definitely WASN'T Bolland's work.)

Francis Michael O'Halloran said...

Thanks West. Bolland is one of the greats, I wonder why he never or rarely does interior work.