Monday, October 16, 2006

TECH - Radio Shack projector w/ dvd & speakers

I've often ranted that I think digital projectors ought to be seriously considered as an alternative to big-screen televisions. One of the more impressive projector packages I've ever seen comes from Radio Shack.

This projector has a built-in dvd player and a speaker system, including subwoofer.

Some of the specs are a bit lower than one might expect, these days, but the price has also dropped from $1300 to about $799 (in-store purchase, after INSTANT rebate) for a system that's darn-near all-in-one. At one point, they even offered that screen as part of the package. I'm not sure if they still do nor not.

If it had a tv tuner, this'd be a double-pump, 360-degree slam-dunk. As it stands, it's still pretty doggone impressive.

For more information check out Radio Shack's site and/or's spec info.


Luke Cage said...

I'm smacking the inside of my elbows trying to get my fix West. I'm waiting for these to drop just a liiiiil bit more. Maybe try to get one by next Spring or early summer. But not right now. However man, I think I've been a pretty good blogger and buddy to you. Feel free to purchase it for a brotha. I'd be very appreciative of that...

West said...


As the famous line goes: "Nuh-UH, my brutha. You gots t'get yo' OWN."


But yeah, this'd make a great gift for someone. I wonder if the bulbs are pricey, though.