Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Okay, I got my girlfriend to go see "The Protector," with me, this time. She, too, thought it was the shit, although she's reluctant to kick her beloved Bruce Lee off the throne.

That's fine, I guess. I'm geeking out so much that I'm probably too blind, at the moment, to appreciate the love she DID give it.

I was, once again, acting like frickin' Handy-Man ("In Living Color" flashback) up in there.

Tony Jaa's emoting was somewhat goofy at certain points - mostly when he was happy. But, really, when my man was sad, he was TRULY frickin' DISTRAUGHT. I really felt for him and his concerns, to a degree, became my concerns.

He got me to empathize with the main character, so his acting really wasn't all that bad.

I didn't mention (probably because I didn't know it until I was in the theater) that Quentin Tarantino put his name on this flick. Apparently, he's responsible for bringing it to 'the States.

To be honest, after seeing "Hostel," I'd decided not to get behind a movie just because it had the Tarantino stamp of approval. If it didn't "feel" like one of his flicks, then he probably had very little to do with it.

In this case, I'm glad I didn't get a chance to follow that particular personal policy.

I'm going BACK to the theater, tonight (it's 50 cents on Tuesdays) to see this sum-gun all over, again!

The complexity of the moves I saw from him and others had me freakin' the fug OUT... and it's time for another dose.

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