Thursday, October 26, 2006

LIFE - A Generational Intervention

It's time for the younger generations to have an intervention for the older generations.

I need each of you to take at least two older family-members aside and say the following:

"THIS is a cd. This is for music." Present an example.

"This is a dvd. This is for movies." Present an example.

"Any questions?"

I am tired of older folks using the two interchangeably.

I know what some of you are thinking: "Aww, West, you must be running out of shit to bitch about. That's harmless."


The plan was for me to purchase a vehicle from my parents. Before that could happen, someone broke into it and stole the radio. They said they'd replace it.

I said, "Don't worry about replacing it because I'm just gonna end taking the replacement out and putting in a dvd player... In FACT, if you want to, you can just put a dvd player in it and I'll pay the difference. If not, don't worry about it."

Later, they told me it was taken care of. My mom even went on about how nice the screen was.

When I got the vehicle, it had a cd player in it. When I asked about the dvd player, my stepfather pointed to the cd player. *sigh*

I'd REALLY been looking forward to that player.

Like I said, it's time for an intervention. While we're at it, let'em know that video games don't have "tapes," anymore, that not every system is a "Nintendo," and refrigerator is not... Okay, scratch that last one.

I like it when they call it a "Frigidaire." Also, pants are "britches."


Miz JJ said...

You wanted a DVD player in your car? Now I am behing on my techonology. My mom does not understand how to use her digital camera. It is painful to watch her use it. She says she is going back to film because she doesn't understand how to transfer the pics on to her computer and if she does she can't 'find' them later on. It seems simple enough to me, but to her it's difficult. I think maybe she should go back to film.

West said...

re: "You wanted a DVD player in your car? Now I am behind on my technology."

It's pretty common, these days for a lot of vehicles, especially SUV's, to have dvd players in them.

You haven't seen the many screens embedded in headrests, hanging from the SUV "ceilings," or on the front of the dashboards of some cars and SUV's, these days?

re: "I think maybe she should go back to film."

Hehe. I heard that.

Sounds like she needs to be set up with some instructions or something on exactly where to go and what to do, each time, until she gets it right.

...or, y'know, go back to the film thing.

I just know that a lot of folks, like myself, got sick of having to make sure there was film in the camera, making sure it was the right film, and trying to remember to take the lil rolls o' bastard-dom to the place for developing... then waiting on that.


I hope to never go back.

Shai said...

LOL. Add to that not all drugs are dope. They are CDs not albums. They are music stores not records shops.

Francis Michael O'halloran said...

I never understood the appeal of driving and watching a movie. Do you do a lot of highway driving, because I think it'd be tremendously tough in a city?

As for old folks, it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks..

Miz JJ said...

I live in Canada. There is a lot less of that stuff here than in the States. I have seen it though. Why do you want a TV in your car?

West said...

re: shai's "LOL. Add to that not all drugs are dope. They are CDs not albums. They are music stores not records shops. "

Preach it!

re: fmo'h's "Do you do a lot of highway driving, because I think it'd be tremendously tough in a city?" & miz jj's "Why do you want a TV in your car?"

First of all, we're gonna hafta put miz jj on the intervention list, y'all! :p

She's callin' dvd's tv's. ;-)

But it's useful for passengers, especially on a long trip, and I like it when I'm wasting time at traffic lights during rush hour... or chillin' in my vehicle during lunch breaks n whatnot.

I really like movies. :-D

Anonymous said...

LOL at frigidaire & britches.

I am really confused though, if there is a screen, but it's a CD player, what is the screen for? If that is the case then the salesperson that sold it to your parents...Took advantage of an older non-tech savy person.

West said...

CD players have screens, too. They're just smaller.

There are pretty lights and lcd indicators n whatnot moving around.

It's kinda nice-looking, at night, but it's damn-sure not a dvd player screen.

I plan to mention this to my parents, this weekend - not to rub it in so much as to educate them. This isn't a mistake one should keep making.