Friday, October 06, 2006

"Cleopatra Jones" dies

Source: MSN News
Thanks to m'lady for the heads-up.
BALTIMORE -- Tamara Dobson, the tall, stunning model-turned-actress who portrayed a strong female role as Cleopatra Jones in two "blaxploitation" films, has died.

Dobson, 59, died Monday of complications from pneumonia and multiple sclerosis at the Keswick Multi-Care Center, where she had lived for the past two years, her publicist said.

At 6 feet, 2 inches tall, Dobson was striking as the kung-fu fighting government agent Cleopatra Jones in 1973. She reprised the role in 1975's "Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold."

I never saw any of these movies, but I'm aware of the legacy. Sad news.


Luke Cage said...

This was sad man, not just because of her untimely passing, but because Tamara was so young. She died at the same age my mom passed away. She was definitely a striking presence on the screen. Too bad she didn't make more movies. Cleopatra Jones was a hot flick, but I didn't care much for the sequel. Thanks for the nod to the sista man.

Hassan said...


Like Brother Luke I enjoyed The first movie as well and actually remembered going to the movies to see 'Comeback, Charleston Blue" with my older brother and pops.

She was in an 1976 "Jet" issue a week after Lola Falana gave her candid Vegas interview. She was so striking... Remember that too, grandma collected Jet from beginning to her end. We still got em too.

Anonymous said...

OH, how sad, and I didn't know that she was suffering from MS either.

WHAT? West you haven't seen those movies? I thought you were a movie aficionado. You mean to tell me you haven't rented some of the blaxploitation films? I am soo disappointed. :-)

West said...

I admit it.

Actually, I have rented some of'em, but it was some Dolemite, Pam Grier, and Super-Fly stuff. I was on this blaxploitation kick, for a while.

But I think I got my fill before getting to "Cleo" and some others. Could be that Blockbuster didn't carry'em all, at the time, now that I think about it.

It amazes me, sometimes, when I see what movies they DON'T carry.

Harlem Nights, Boomerang, and some other stuff I kinda assumed would be readily available... just weren't, at various times. (And I don't just mean they weren't in-stock, at that moment. They didn't CARRY'em.)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, now even though I should be studying...I have to go check out the Blockbuster near me to see if they have those films. I would think that this one does.

JoJo D. said...

Her movie with Shelley Winters as the dope dealing nemesis was on the tv this past Saturday. I've always been a huge fan of Mrs. Dobson (and "Christie Love", and Foxy Brown); these beautiful ladies are my heros.

I am surely saddened at the news of Tamara's passing.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the weekend after she died they showed on the Uptown Movie Network her movie. I found it kinda corny. Those old Blaxplotation movies crack me up at times.