Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Glenn Ford, R.I.P.

Someone on the WizardUniverse messageboards mentioned that actor, Glenn Ford, recently passed away, at the age of 90. He played Superman's Earth-father, Jonathan Kent, in the 1978 film, Superman: The Movie.

My copied and pasted response follows:

"I meant to give a nod to this, SOMEwhere, but never did.

I remember the captioning which said that he'd died, but I didn't remember who he was, at first. None of the movies they initially mentioned sounded all that familiar, to me.

Luckily, I was interested enough to flip through the pix AOL posted. Almost immediately, I knew that we'd lost Pa Kent all over, again.

I agree with whomever said that Mr. Ford made his mark on the character during his relatively brief on-screen performance. I felt it when his character passed and, despite the fact that the man really is a stranger to us all, I felt it when the actor passed, as well.

Rest in-peace, Mr. Ford."
*tips hat*

BBC article

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Luke Cage said...

90 years old huh? Now that's a good long life. Kudos to him and may he rest in peace. Godspeed Glenn Ford.