Friday, September 29, 2006

"Blade" was given "the chop."

CBR News reports that Spike TV's "Blade" series has been cancelled.



James Meeley said...

Man, that sucks (no pun intended). I'll admit that the first couple episodes didn't grab me right away, but that by the end of the season I was hooked (as was my wife).

Ah well, let's hope they put this one and only season out on DVD, which might include some extra stuff we haven't seen before.

West said...

Yeah. I wasn't especially hooked, at the very beginning, but the second episode (or maybe the third) was pretty impressive. I got a better idea of the scope of the world they were trying to create.

As far as a dvd, I'm guessing it'd be like the Chapelle Show dvd and include the more adult content (although the show already had a few "adult" tidbits, already).

Not sure if that'd include nudity or not. I still haven't watched the episodes I recorded.

(It's cool that your wife dug it, too.)