Thursday, July 13, 2006


doug mentioned the up-coming Shrek sequel, which I didn't even know they were making (though I should've guessed). A bit of Shrek-bashing ensued. The extended version of my comments is below:

doug said: "Call me crazy, but I think Shreak sucks some huge Donkey dick."

West said: "Interesting phrasing.

I don't hate the movie, but my girlfriend and I certainly weren't laughing anywhere NEAR as much as the white folks who filled up the rest of the theater.

Gonna letcha in on a lil secret. This right here is why a number of Black folks don't f with movies that a number of white folks think are funny.

Even though we were the only chocolate chips on the cookie, we forged ahead, determined to see what was so great about this "Shrek" movie with hideous characters that so many Americans loved.

We've watched it multiple times, now - not because we think it's great, but because we think Eddie Murphy's great in it.

Now, if you didn't already think I was a racist @$%^@, you damn-sure do NOW. But I promise you that it's not the fact that Eddie's Black so much as the fact that his "dunkay" was the funniest thing in the movie, ioho.

But I'll make you a deal, you don't assume I'm a racist because I thought Eddie was the shit and I won't say white folks are racists for ignoring his huge contributions to this movie (which would've been fairly awful without him, I think).

You know what? Fuck it. Let's rumble, dammit!"


asdf said...

I'll agree with you, Donkey or whatever his name was in the movie was the only good part of the movie. And even Donkey wasn't that funny in my eyes. It was all around a boring movie.

Luke Cage said...

What is the fascination with that flick anyway? I've got to agree with you guys that its pretty lame, but I've yet to hear anyone tell me why this picture is the beast that it is..