Sunday, April 30, 2006

What's wrong with drinking while driving?

My girl's got me up and on the phone, tonight. She knows my old ass can't hang, but she held on long enough for me to break through the sleep barrier. Now I'm chattin' and the gears are a-turnin'. As usual, that means I've got mad topics to spit and feedback I'd like to get.

I was just reading something where this guy said he grabbed a couple of Corona's because he had a long drive. I was all ready to judge ol' boy when it occurred to me that... Drinkin' AIN'T illegal. Hell, drinkin' and DRIVIN' ain't even illegal.

What's illegal is having so much liquor in your system (per unit something or other, I suppose) while driving. Hell, if you're not up to that level, yet, who gives a damn that you're workin' your way up the meter?

It's just bass-ackwards, in my 12:47am opinion, to make mobile phone usage illegal while driving, but having a herd o' crumb-snatchers wrackin' your nerves and distracting the hell out of you won't get you pulled over.

Similarly, it seems odd that I (or someone who drinks) could drink X-amount of an alcoholic beverage, then get into a vehicle, but if I step into a vehicle, then drink X-amount of alcoholic beverage, my ass is grass.

Your thoughts?


stephan said...

Having an open container of the stuff while driving is illegal in many places.

Illegal or not, getting behind the wheel with any alcohol in your system is morally questionable and dumb.

West said...

I know about the open-container rule, but it's a part of the general principle I'm questioning here.

Don't get me wrong. I don't drink, so I certainly don't drink and drive. In fact, I've been quite critical of others who do.

I just don't think drinking before driving is so much better than drinking WHILE driving. If the former's legal, it'd odd that the latter wouldn't be.