Wednesday, April 12, 2006

♪ "It's our anniversary." ♫

Today marks five years of couple-dom with the absolute sweetest, most adorable woman I've ever known.

I am truly in-love. I'm sure some folks get it twisted when they note my appreciation for the female form. As that Winn-Dixie clerk put it, "If you've got a girlfriend, what are you doin' lookin' at other women." I reiterate, "Because my eyes still work!"

Please don't confuse this for a lack of appreciation for my lady. The woman looks, feels, smells, sounds, and tastes heavenly. I'm talking about somebody who appeals to all five senses.

I stare at her so frequently, I'm sure it could be unsettling, but she seems to be used to it, now. I am truly in awe of her physical presence, from head-to-toe. That includes the things everyone else can see and all the things that are for my eyes only.

I sound like a guy from one of those old corny Dove soap commercials, but I swear, "My lady's skin is so soft, I can't stop touching it!" It's true. She's soft and feminine in presence and physicality. That's something that amazes me about women and babies, but m'girl takes it to another level. I just need a lil rub or touch or kiss to get me my fix and she gets to enjoy another 5 to 10 minutes o' freedom (from my caresses, I mean).

Her scent does something to me. I can just hear some old Black folks, now, "Damn, that gal sho' got his nose WIDE-OPEN!" I've always assumed, from the context, what they meant by that. I guess they've got a point.

For the better part of a year, I was working in Texas, so I only got to talk to her over the phone (we weren't a couple, at the time). In that time I fell completely in-love with this woman's voice. Like her manner, her voice is so soft and sweet it's hardly there at all. Of course, this results in a lot of, "Huh? Whadjusay?!" But the simplest words filtered through her lovely lips are too melodic to describe. I could listen to that tune all. day. long.

My sweetie puts up with quite a bit of kissin' and nibblin'. It's a shock there's anything left of her to nibble on. Regardless, my lips have touched just about every part of her body a hundred times over and I plan on increasing that number exponentially in the coming years. When I say she's sweet, I mean that in every possible sense of the word.

This lady is my heart and she surprises me every day with a boundless beauty that permeates her entire being.

I hope everyone finds someone like this to cherish and spend a lifetime with, but don't look this way because like that old classic commercial says, "Nuh-UH, my brutha. YOU gots t'get yo' OWN!"

Happy Anniversary, Victoria. I love you.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Continue to be so in love. I pray that you are always so blessed.


asdf said...

Congrats Mr. West. That's an accomplishment not everyone gets to say they are a part of. I just hope I'm as luck as you are, and that you continue to be lucky.

West said...

Thanks, kita & doug. Very nice of you both to say.

Gotta admit, though, that she and I, both, mistakenly reported that this was our fourth anniversary, when it's actually our fifth (which really blows my freakin' mind).


Luckily, when she figured out the real deal, she didn't kick hell out of me. Nice to have a partner like that.

Hope you all find and/or hold onto whatever you're looking for, as well.