Thursday, April 20, 2006

High-Beams Pt. 2

I haven't read Dear Prudie in some time. I decided to see if I'd missed anything and it turned out that "high beams" were the topic of discussion one week in January. Check out this letter from a guy:

"Dear Prudence,

My brother is engaged to a delightful, bright, attractive woman who does not wear a bra. She has very small breasts, so it's not as if she is falling out of her shirts, but she is always "nippling" (as they say). I don't believe she is trying to be provocative, but after she and my brother leave large social gatherings, there is often talk of the prominent nipple outline she displayed. This upsets me because a) I truly like her, and don't want people to remember her for her chest area, and b) it can be very distracting when one is talking to her; it makes men uncomfortable to see, and it makes our wives even more uncomfortable for their men to see. In general, I don't feel it's anyone's place to criticize another person's attire, but I wonder if there is a tactful way to send a message that we'd appreciate seeing a bit less of her.

—Getting an Eyeful"

If you wanna see how Prudie responded, click here.

I guess I could see having this concern if I knew the person, were very friendly with her, and/or she were a part of the family (extended family, even). Still, if she's got itty-bitty titties, leave her alone. Hell a bra's just gonna gobble'em up, anyway.

Perky nips are fate's consolation prize for the less-endowed. Don't rain on their parade. least until it passes me by, anyway.

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