Saturday, February 18, 2006

Proper etiquette at Victoria's Secret...?

My girlfriend and I were in Victoria's Secret, today, considering some lingerie items and a guy I've had a buddy/business association with for a few years (mostly business) walked in. We hadn't seen each other in months and it was truly good to see him... just not at that very moment. I was holding an article of naughty-clothing in my hands, when we saw each other.

He instantly comes over to greet us. That was cool. I immediately mentioned that it was great to see him, but awkward timing considering where we were and what we were doing. He said, "No, no. It's not awkward. No. This is the 21st century [or something]. It's no problem."

Now, I should mention that this guy's culture is apparently different than mine in that he's a close-talker. He'll be ALL UP IN your grill while having a conversation. I mean UNCOMFORTABLY close, in my opinion. I've caught many shards o' spittle schrapnel in the line o' duty... just being friendly, whether we were going to do business or not. I know he means no harm and I don't think my brand o' bluntness is precisely what's called for in those kinds of situations... usually.

Anyway, the guy wouldn't take the hint. My girlfriend and I, both, were holding articles of V.S. clothing behind our backs while talking with him (as he accidentally, but repeatedly bumped, apologized to, and commented to another female shopper). I even said that it was kind of a private moment and his salesman-like (and somewhat typical) response was, "No. hehe. Nothing's private, anymore ."

I responded, "Well, this IS. Nice to see you. *shakes hands and walks away*"

Now, I have no regrets about the way that I handled the situation. I, my girlfriend, and the stranger who was semi-drawn into our awkward moment were rather patient, I thought, dealing with this very friendly, but somewhat dense, associate/stranger. I just wonder...

If YOU bumped into an acquaintance (and his/her significant other) shopping in the lingerie section of Victoria's Secret, would you consider it more appropriate to offer a hit-n-run greeting or to hang around, shooting the breeze while they hold their shopping items behind their backs?

Btw, my girlfriend and I already talked about my posting this, so she's cool with this bit o' airin' of our b'ness.

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