Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Black folks - WE picked this month, okay?!

From a Wikipedia article (thanks to Loren for sharing this/reminding me of it):

'Black History Month originated as "Negro History Week", the second week in February. This celebration of black history in America was started by African-American historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson, who wanted to bring national attention to the large contribution of African-Americans to the history of their country, in 1926. Woodson chose February as black history month because in this month Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Langston Hughes were born.'

Every year, a bunch of people (mostly non-Blacks) complain about Black History Month (BHM) as if it's the cause and not a* cure.

And every year, a bunch of people (mosty Blacks) complain that "the white man" relegated BHM to the shortest month of the year, thus further demonstrating his contempt for us.

From what I've seen, it ain't true, so PLEASE stop saying it. Spread the word or tell me what YOU heard, but please stop complaining about what someone else did to us when we really "did it" to ourselves - and with good reason.

As always your questions and comments are welcome.

* - That's right. "A" cure, not "the" cure.


nikki said...

THANK YOU. that is all.

Mark & Barb said...

I THINK, not knowing for sure, that much of the "shortest month of the year" complaints are kind of for comic effect, by Chris Rock and the like. In that context, I'm not too worried. But that's just me.

Cool AC said...

Great! Thanks for that info. I FINALLY have something to say to people who are always complaining about the "shortest month" thing.

West said...


mark & barb: Could be. Comedians are tryin' to get that laugh however they can.

Some folks, though, calling into radio talk shows, fussing on message boards (I would NEVER do that :p ), and generally rappin' about life seem to be pretty serious about it.

cool ac: No problem. We're all just sharin' and learnin' here.