Thursday, January 26, 2006

I've turned to the dark side... of the Apple.

That's right. I'm the guy who frequently hypes up my Treo 650 pda/mobile phone's ability to be so many different things - including an mp3 player alternative.

Instead of buying an expensive iPod (or other digital music player), a decent mobile phone, a digital organizer/pda, etc. I figured I'd spend a nice chunk o' change on something that'd smoosh all of that into one device that's always on my hip.

I was swayed, though, when I found out that PowerMax had a wicked sale on used iPod's, thanks to Typo Lad's CBR thread. I and my girlfriend jumped on it because she needed to replace her digital music player, anyway, and I just love a great deal. Also, there are inconveniences with the 650. For one thing, the headset/phone port is tiny, so an adapter is necessary. That means I've got to have that on me. In fact, there's something about the way that port's set up that starts up Voice Dial, the voice-recognition software (great software for making calls without dialing and it requires no voice 'samples'). That's kind of a pain, if I'm trying to find a song or doing just about anything with the Treo, because it keeps popping back to the voice software screen.

It's possible that this is just a problem with MY Treo and that I should take it to Sprint for repair or replacement, but I never did. I thought it'd end up being more trouble than it was worth, but I may reconsider. After all, they've had the Treo 650 long enough for SOME-damned-body (I should say bodies b/c there's like 3 Sprint employees on the frickin' PLANET who seem) to know this device. If I'm right, it'd make things a helluva lot more convenient.

Anyway, the iPod arrived, yesterday. Apparently, it's "a 4th Gen monochrome model then."

I don't have any "real" pictures of my model available, but I'll drop an online shot, if I can find one.

Image #1 (click image to enlarge)

Here are some more details from the thread:

West: "It seems okay, so far, though. I've got a grand total of one song. . . . I should probably add that it wasn't white-boxed. It came with an Apple box, a software cd, a manual, and apparently every accessory one would've gotten from a regular retail purchase. The screen has mostly insignificant marks, but there is an area where something must have regularly rubbed against it. I'm not sure it's a deal-breaker, considering the price, but I thought I'd mention it to anyone considering buying from PowerMax, in the future. We expect my girlfriend's to arrive, today."

Typo Lad: "Was it a color model, or monochrome? I forget."

West: "I'm so unfamiliar with iPods that I don't know what this question's referring to. Either way, I guess the answer's 'monochrome.'
The exterior is white with a little grey. It's got a click-wheel (found out what that means). The screen's mono-, but it's kinda bluish when backlit. I'm not sure that I've seen any other colors, yet."

Typo Lad: " How do you like the click-wheel? I've only used one once and didn't care for the tactile sensations. I far prefer the scroll wheel 3rd gen or even the first gen's scroll wheel with the buttons around it. "

West: "I have little to compare it to Apple-wise. This is the first time I've ever held an iPod, if I'm not mistaken. I didn't even know there'd been a change in the "wheels" 'til I saw the site's notes about which model had what. I'm not fond of the apparently challenge involved in trying to turn the backlighting on. It shouldn't require looking at the screen considering the purpose of backlighting. Otherwise, I'm still adjusting. I don't care for the dependence on iTunes software, among other things, though."

Typo Lad: "There should be an option to have the backlight go on whenever you make contact with the wheel or someshuch. That's how Suzannah has her 3rd Gen set up. . . . Hypothetically, you can find alternative software, particularly if you install iPodLinux."

Anyone else given in to the dark side... of the Apple? (Btw, if we find any BIG "worms," we WILL abandon the dark side.)

Questions? Comments?


Anonymous said...

Now when you're stuck in a dark bathroom taking a poop, you'll have some music to listen to, stinky.

West said...

I should also mention that, despite the iPod's advantages, the Treo's still got a thing or two over it.

For one thing, I can listen to my Treo without headphones. That comes in MIGHTY handy... like when I'm getting dressed and having objects in my ear and hand is really inconvenient.

nikki said...

i have a mini ipod. not sure which generation. i love it, though.

West said...

Ahh, so YOU'RE the one who's been infecting me with these thoughts.

This Apple had better not be poisoned!

Aww, who'm I kiddin'? Yo' ass is anything BUT "snow white!"