Friday, December 16, 2005

The Seduction Game

Why is seduction necessary? Why must a guy approaching a young lady have "game?" I'm not talking about foreplay here. I realize that mood makes a difference, not to mention the practical reasons for getting a woman into a state of... higher receptiveness.

I'm talking about the fact that many women will openly and unashamedly admit that some guy was good-looking and/or nice, but "he had no game." Why isn't it enough for a man or a woman, for that matter, to be attractive, physically and otherwise?

If you already think he's sexy, why not sex him?

If you already think he's dating material, why not date him?

As advanced as we like to think we are, as high as we've supposedly evolved beyond the other animals on this planet, we still seem to need to observe or perform a mating dance, of sorts, before we'll connect with each other (literally or figuratively). Why is that?

I framed this from the male perspective, not just because I'm male, but also because I don't remember many or any guys saying some girl or some woman was sexy, but he wouldn't get with her because she wouldn't play the game... Y'know, once I typed that, I saw how wrong it was. There are quite a few guys out there who'll say they either won't get with a woman... or they won't get with her AGAIN because "it was too easy." Apparently, for SOME guys, if the woman doesn't make him work hard enough, the chase isn't worthwhile. Obviously, it's as much about the journey as the destination.

Whodathunkit? Even in The Seduction Game, it really ISN'T whether you win or lose. It's about how you play the game.

What's up with that?

Personally, I don't play that game - either of them. If a woman digs me, she digs me. She'll just have to dig me being myself, though. On the flip-side, if a woman wants to get with me, the only reason I'd give any consideration to how "easy" it was to get in her panties, is if I'm concerned that she's giving out coochie coupons to every guy in the neighborhood. I don't have a problem with a woman having a "history" or enjoying sex, but I don't want EVERYbody to have been where I am and, of course, I don't wanna catch anything. Otherwise, if she gives it up on the first date, it's because she wanted me as much as I wanted her. Simple as that. I judge her by the same standards that I judge myself. Seems fair, to me.
What about you?


John Lombard said...

It's because a man's ability to notice a woman's mood and match it is a measure of his worth. That's why we have the game -- the woman signals that different levels of intimacy are appropriate and the man has to match them to demonstrate his self-control.

West said...


Question, though: Couldn't she just say, "I'm in the mood for love," and have him match that... or not?

I don't measure my worth by my ability to match moods. I occasionally measure it by my ability to verbalize my thoughts.

To each his own. It's just too bad so many people go about things this way while wondering why they don't understand each other more... or why they don't get what they really want from a relationship.