Saturday, December 10, 2005

"No good deed..."

Today, I tried to help someone. In return, this person questioned my intentions. Nice.

Some say, "Don't let the world change you." I think that's a pretty good philosophy, most of the time. If anything, I'm more interested in doing what I can to change the world. Right now, though, I'm in one of those moments that makes me wonder if this world or some of the people in it are even worth the effort.

What should I learn from this, I wonder. Don't help this person or don't help people, in general? Don't help people, in general, or don't help people unless they REALLY need it?

I'm leaning toward that last one, right about now. Maybe there are things I can do to improve my delivery, but without actual constructive criticism that specifies what those things might be... there aren't a lot of options.

Your thoughts?


Ragnell said...

Don't assume the next guy will be like the last guy?

West said...

I appreciate the advice and maybe you're right, but there have been too many of those guys. I'm starting to think that adapting is the only way to retain my sanity.