Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So, let's get right to it.

This blog is likely to have quite a bit of bitching, as people are quite likely to give me things to bitch ABOUT. If this is a problem for you, then take it in doses or skip it altogether. Otherwise, welcome!

What this blog will ultimately become, I don't know. What it'll be today is a forum for me to complain about the lack of depth in this world. Too many of Kramer's laws are absolutely correct. There are a LOT of stupid people in the world and those that aren't stupid act like it waaay too often.

Topic: Self-defense.

I remember being in elementary and high school and being told that anyone who gets into a fight will be suspended - regardless of who actually STARTED* it. I didn't like that (especially when it happened to me) but I kinda understood it. Administrators aren't always around to see who did what, so they came up with a blanket policy. Oh well.

Online forums, despite the tendency for some to act like it, are NOT grade-school rumbles. If you want to know who started a fight, as long as the online administrators/moderators don't modIFY the text, you can "go back in time" and experience the moment like it was happening for the first time. You know who started kicking up dust. You can see what escalated the situation. You can see how by-standers sat back and enjoyed other people's misery. You can see it all.

So, why the hell do people STILL see fit to judge assholes AND the people they shit on the same damned way?! Laziness. If you defend yourself, particularly if you do so without calling people names or accusing them of anything, good on ya. Here's a cookie. You're not OWED a cookie, but you're doing what many are incapable of doing or unwilling to do. Don't expect those around you to recognize this, though.

I got into an online brawl, last night, that was just RIDICULOUS. Among other things, one person made a general "grow the fuck up" comment to others. I responded to this unnecessary insult and quoted it repeatedly in doing so. When I woke up the next morning, someone claimed I'd come in with guns blazing and got things all heated unnecessarily. His evidence? He told me to do a search and see how many times the words "shit" and "fuck" had been said in that thread and how many times they were said by ME... and to be sure to note how many of the others who said those words were quoting ME.

I did just that.

What I found was that "shit," "fuck," and "fucking" had been said about 40 times and the vast majority of those times it was by people who were simply quoting me... as I quoted the person who'd originally said it. Did you catch that? They quoted MY post, which had quoted the original statement... and counted that against me.

. . .

That was his evidence. Apparently, the many people who quoted me weren't doing anything wrong, but by quoting someone else's profanity, *I* was causing problems. In fact, someone else implied that actually considering and researching his claims was a bad thing. By looking up these details and posting them, I'd apparently spent quite a bit of time and I guess that means I'm a nut. Lessee. If I DON'T consider his points, I'm being argumentative. If I DO consider his points and then counter them with actual facts, I'm a nut.

Lazy thinking.

Don't get me wrong, I'll curse up a storm, as you'll soon see. However, my "shit" doesn't smell any worse than the next man's. Recognize this.

Everybody forgets this, sometimes, but it's either stupidity or assholery that causes one to miss this fact consistently.

That reminds me. There are too many assholes in this world, too.

* Note: Just because something's in all-caps, that doesn't mean I'm yelling at you. Sometimes a person just wants to get the words out as quickly as possible; stopping to click a couple formatting buttons isn't always desirable at those times.


Son of Blog-El said...

...I have arrived from the future! Good first post. It reminds me of a discussion I will bring up in your future. Basically people saying that there are no racists but only assholes. I can be an asshole but not be a racist.

West said...

Hehehe. I laughed out-loud at this one.