Thursday, December 31, 2009

Miami Or Bust

Unplanned trip to Miami for New Year's Eve .

11:05pm 40 mi. from Miami. Funky here. Industrial plants. Paid $13 for Turnpike sucker tax. Pissed. Still excited. First time to Miami.

11:10pm Phone rebooted. Had to type post again. Grr.

11:19pm Just paid another buck. I hope it's the last they want. A friend or two said they do this in 6hrs. That's 7 or 8 at less than warp factor 5, apparently.

11:34pm I wish I knew how to post pix.

11:47pm GPS told us to exit then get back on. Weird. Tension. Anxious. 10mi to go.

1:37pm Made it. Crazy traffic. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Terrible Sprint signal. Moved 5 yards. Awesome Sprint signal. Talked to family. Finding lodgings.

1 comment:

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