Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MegaCON 2009

MegaCON is a convention in Orlando, Florida that centers around comic books, sci-fi, anime, video games and more. There are vendors selling all of the above in addition to hard-to-find memorabilia. Some areas offer sneak peeks of upcoming movies and video games. Celebrities of the past and present sign autographs, pose for pictures, and talk with con-goers. And, of course, there are "cosplayers," people who dress up as their favorite characters and pose for us.

This year the convention took place over the weekend of February 27th. There were fewer vendors of-interest to me, the convention floor was just as crowded as usual, and parking conditions were insane but we still managed to have a bit of fun, sell some items, and take some great pictures. Not to mention the fantastic dinners we enjoyed at our favorite restaurants.

In the MegaCON 2009 section of my Flickr account should be some of the still photos I took with my Treo smartphone and traditional digital camera - along with some videos I took with the phone, as well. And, yeah, that's my big mouth providing the needless commentary at the end of the mock fight video.

The other video is of a working R2D2 replica that wandered around the convention floor, wow'ing spectators like myself.

I hope you enjoy the pix.


Kelson said...

Looking forward to the photos -- only there's one problem. The link goes to the Flickr organizer, which pulls up whoever's logged in (i.e. me). :-(

West said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I've not used my Flickr account all that much (despite how long I've had it). I think I fixed the link.

Kelson said...

Cool stuff! And you picked a good one to headline it, too -- the contrast between the Clone Trooper helmet and the suit+briefcase is hilarious!

West said...

Appreciated. We were leaving, but we saw this guy outside and his outfit really cracked me up. Like you said - the contrast.