Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It Has Begun

Barack Obama won the Presidency of the United States of America.

And Florida went Blue*.

I couldn't be happier. Actually, I could. I should have been elated, last night, instead of just happy. I would have been, too, except that I too busy not being heartbroken and depressed. I guess that was my version of exultation because if John McCain had won, I'd have been a blubbering mess.

And then there was the concern that, on one side or the other, unhappy people would do unhappy things to other people. So far, I've seen none of that here... but I worried and wondered, for a while.

I wasn't going to stay up late to see the final result because (and here's another reason for my limited emotional response) we've already seen the networks call one opponent, then reverse it. I wasn't interested in riding that rollercoaster, again.

Anyway, my girlfriend was watching which effectively meant that I was watching. Besides, I was still amped-up from spending most of the day volunteering for the Tallahassee branch of the campaign that erased Senator Obama but gave birth to President-Elect Barack Obama. More on that another time.

When we got the "projected" results, I was still reserved. And it didn't help that CNN apparently kept "projected" up much, much too long. I talked to my grandmother, who voted for the first time that *I've* ever heard of. I talked to my mom, who told me how much it meant for her to risk her life to go to school amidst race riots but grow up to see a Black man gain the keys to the White House. I also talked to my father, who yelled at me and called me someone else's name. But it was meant in love.

I know. I know. Trust me.

Eventually, we took a chance, grabbed the camcorder, and hit the road to see how Tallahassee was reacting to the news.

Dead silence.

Apparently, though, this was just because so many were at the election party. So we headed over there, recorded some speech material, observed the celebration, shed some tears (well, she did anyway), and interviewed some folks to find out how they were feeling and what this moment meant to them.

One thing is represents, to me, is a chance to vote FOR, not just AGAINST someone. As I said... a year and a half, ago... I would be PROUD to have Barack Obama be the President of these United States of America.

It feels like the world started over. Continuity rebooted. We got a green mushroom, an extra life.

Now, let's see how we use it.

It has begun.

* - And Tallahassee did its part.


B. Good said...

Yeah, Florida definitely represented! I saw nothing but joy in the streets of NY last night. It did feel like a brand new start!

West said...

Sho' nuff. Thx, B.

Los Angelista said...

So glad FL went for Obama! My sister lives in Indiana and said it was TOTAL silence in her neighborhood. She said it was like a funeral at her job today too.