Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too Comfortable

WEST3MAN: I got caught in the rain, today,
WEST3MAN: while biking to the comic shop.
WEST3MAN: I went to a nearby bar to use their restroom's paper towels, to dry off.
WEST3MAN: A guy was already using the dispenser, so I stood behind him and waited.
WEST3MAN: I noticed the back of his black t-shirt
WEST3MAN: had a Confederate flag with "SS" in that special font
WEST3MAN: printed across it.
WEST3MAN: the shirt said something like, "the few and the proud."
WEST3MAN: Just one of those wake-up moments, for me.
WEST3MAN: "Don't get TOO comfortable."


Michael May said...

Crap. I hate being reminded that people like that exist, but I need to be reminded of it. There's still much work to do.

Los Angelista said...

That's some honesty for you, isn't it? Makes you wonder about the ones that don't wear the shirt. It would've freaked me out.