Monday, July 23, 2007

Dead Man Walking

I was driving down the street, a week or so, ago, while talking on the phone. As I went down a hill, I saw a white male, around thirty or so, walking up the hill.

His head was down, his pace was slow, and his skin was pale. As I my car approached him, I noticed that the side of his head had a red spot on it, with a red line or two beneath it.

. . .

It took about a half-second for that to sink in but when it did, I had to interrupt the person I was talking to on the phone.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just saw this dude with some kind of head injury, walking along the sidewalk. He looked like he might've been disoriented. Hold on a second. I've gotta turn around and check on him because he looks like he might just wander into the street or something."

I tried to turn around without causing an accident of my own, saw the guy was still walking in the same direction as before, then took off.

Head injuries may make people disoriented but I wouldn't put it past them to get a lil violent, so I didn't drive too closely to the guy. I pulled into a church/apartment complex entrance, rolled own my window and yelled to him:

"Hey! Are you allright, man?!"

He turns around and with perfectly lucid eyes that melted into an incredibly jovial expression, he responded, "Oh yeah, man. I just came from a costume party - that's all."

. . .

You could've sold me for fifty cents.

Once I saw his full, smiling face, it was obvious that he was wearing make-up of some sort. I guess he was supposed to be some kind of zombie or victim of violence. He certainly fooled me.

Oh well. At least he was allright, but I kinda wished he'd washed that crap off his face, first, because his expression, his gait, and the tilt of his head head me more or less convinced that someone had beaten the crap out of him.

Anyway, he walked away smiling and I walked away feeling a bit foolish. *shrugs*

Have you ever been in a similar situation?


Bygbaby said...

That was messed up & I was ready to hear about you saving his life etc. I would have beat his ass on GP for that especially if I stopped to help & was already running late.


Angie said...

You know what West, he was probably smiling because someone was kind enough to stop and check on him. That's a rarity today. We don't seem to care about others the way we used to.

I like that in ya! : )

beef mug said...


B. Good said...

I can honestly say that I've never been in that situation, lol.

I found that kinda funny, I hope I don't offend you. I think its honorable that you 1) even noticed him; and 2) stopped to check on him.

Miz JJ said...

That was really nice of you to stop. Not many everyone would have done that. My mom was leaving a party and it was late at night almost 3 a.m. She saw a little girl wandering down the street in her night gown crying. My mom pulled over and asked her what happened. She lived down the block. Apparently her parents had gone out and left her alone. She woke up alone and went out "looking" for them. The police showed up within minutes of my mom stopping. The kicker was that my uncle had driven by and seen her, but was scared to stop. He told me how would it look for a black man to be caught with a crying little girl child. He pulled up around the corner and called 911. I thought he was wrong, but I understood where he was coming from.

Keith said...

In NYC we tend to step over and/or walk past the wounded unless it's broad daylight with lots of witnesses. I think it's gotten to this point because there are a lot of nuts in this city and you never know what you're going to get if you try to help. You are a better man than most.