Sunday, June 17, 2007

ebaY - Comic books, computer memory and more

It's time to move some of this gadgetry and comic book material out of my home, so I'll be posting ebaY listings for... the foreseeable future.

You can always see what I've got for-sale by clicking on the ebaY link in the margin.

Or just click here.


ms. complexity said...

Hey West.
Sorry I haven't been around in a bit - moved to a new city.

You got any other tech toys you will be selling on eBay?

kim said...

Since we're asking, (do you mind?)...I would just love an old 2-parter where the FF crew is entangled with the Inhumans after Crystal does not want to put her baby in the "manifesting machine chamber thingie", and runs off to seek protection in Flame's arms.

Looking for the second part, where it ends in an issue of the Inhumans, where [the dog...can't remember that cat's name] speaks to Ben, in response to an inquiry by Ben as to why he, [the dog], had never spoken before.

The answer...[in scraggly ink]: "Never had anything to say...Ben.]

Ohhhh. My heart still melts.

West said...

Hi, Ms. C.
I'm confident there will be other techno-goodies for sale. I'm just not sure what, at the moment. I know there are a bunch of cables and accessories I'd be willing to part with.

kim, you surprise me. I didn't recall that you were into comics!

I don't think I have the issue you mention, but it looks like there's a good chance a huge chunk of my collection is going on ebaY. Maybe there'll be something you dig (or that'll at least bring back fond memories :) ).


kim said...

I've never had an opportunity to talk to people about it...and it has been a good long while. Still, some things just sit in the soul.

I will keep an eye open. I'm old school...X-Men, FF, Peter Parker and Amazing, even fell for this old tin-head named Rom (my brother thought I was crazy).

(Hey...encountered a man in the market who looked so much like your picture (you), that I had to take an elliptical walk around him, hoping he wasn't thinking I was seriously checking him out.)