Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates 3

My Memorial Day weekend was pretty decent. (Sadly, I must confess that I didn't give more than a moment's thought to true purpose of the holiday.) M'lady and I went to her folks' place for the weekend - eatin', watchin' movies, and gettin' beat-the-hell-up by her little sister in a fighting game called "Dead or Alive."

Oh yeah. We also went to see this guy*:

(Pic taken in the movie theater.)

While the movie did drag here and there, I was pretty pleased with it overall. I was just there to get entertained and it did that.

The acting above-average, the story was fairly engaging, but the storytelling left something to be desired. Since I'm only so invested in the franchise, this didn't bother me as much as it might have otherwise.

Low expectations, dontchuknow.

The story wasn't told with the new-comer (or a low- to mid-level fan) in-mind. Maybe that was because the flick was long enough (2hr 45min) without a recap. I dunno. But, as someone who's only seen the previous installments once each, I didn't always understand what was going on or who a character was.

I don't remember the first two chapters very well. It's hard to say if the latest placed worst or first. (M'lady prefers Part 2, by the way.)

Once again, we attended a pre-noon showing - this time in Jacksonville, Florida. Admission was $5 per person. Maybe, if I'd paid twice as much, I'd have walked out pissed. As it stands, it was a flick with a lot of fun, a few flaws, and a few touching moments.

Sure. Why not?!

* - Although I missed about 10 minutes of the flick when I had to leave to take a call. (Yes, my ringer was off.)


Liz said...

Only $5? Wowzer, that sounds like some prices from the stone age. We coughed up $12.50 a head out here.

Yeah, they didn't take into account someone who had never seen POTC at all. I think #2 might be my favorite as well, but Orlando Bloom's acting is so much better in #3. By the way, LOL over the photo taken in the theatre!

Bygbaby said...

it is all about the early bird price in my book! I really enjoyed t he movie & you are right there were a couple of points that dragged a bit & they should have done some type of catch up for people who missed the 1st 2. it's not like they did not have time to do so.

BTW good bootleg LOL.