Saturday, April 07, 2007

ebaY sale

I'm selling some more items on ebaY.

At-present, I've listed:
* one Dell laptop computer - Starting bid: $0.99
* a Compaq laptop computer - Starting bid: $0.99
SOLD * one HP/Compaq docking station/port replicator computer - Starting bid: $19.95
* various comic book trade paperbacks computer - Starting bids: $4.99
I'll be listing more items over the coming hours/days.

To take a look, click here.

As always, you can contact me at


Liz said...

Hmm...another laptop. I could use one of those for my husband. Hmm.

Angie said...

I need a laptop. I like the first one, how much do you need to get?
I tried to email you from your "contact page". Can't do it....

West said...

Sorry about the contact info. issue. I can be reached at

Regarding the auctions, once the first bid is placed, I typically let the auctions run their course - to be fair to the bidders.

I'm looking for a few hundred or so for each laptop.

Angie said...

Fair to the bidders?!? Poot the bidders!!! Just kidding - kind of. I'll keep my eye on the bidding and see what I can do. : )

West said...

LOL @ "Poot the bidders!!!"

I had BUY-IT-NOW prices set up, but they disappeared once people started bidding.

B. Good said...

I so need to learn the ways of ebay. *sigh*

West said...

The docking station has been sold but the other items are still available for bidding.

I hope to add more items, soon.

West said...

Angie, please e-mail at, when you get a chance. I don't have an e-mail address for you, but I need to ask you something.