Thursday, April 12, 2007

ebaY auctions UPDATE 4/12

The docking station has sold, but the Compaq 2.8 GHz laptop and the Dell notebook computer w/ internal Bluetooth are still available for purchase. At the time of this posting, bids were below $250 for each. One was even below $100!

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop/notebook computer 1.6 GHz
* Compaq R3000/R3200 notebook/laptop computer 2.8 GHz P4

In addition to the trade paperbacks I listed before, I've recently added 4 more, all starting at $4.99!!! Here's the total list, so far:

Universe X trade paperback vol. 1 - $5 tpb, Alex Ross
* X-Men: Dream's End trade paperback - $5 tpb
* Ultimate Fantastic Four trade paperback v2 DOOM- $5 tpb
* Ultimate Spider-man trade paperback v10 Hollywood $5 tp
* Empire trade paperback - $5 tpb Mark Waid, Kitson
* Son of Superman Elseworlds trade paperback - $5 tpb

More to come, later.

For the complete list of my latest available auctions, check the ebaY link in the sidebar or click here.

Good luck!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the laptops come crammed with software including Microsoft Excel, Word, and others. I'll try to amend the auction pages, today.


DJ Black Adam said...

Well Wes, there is a reason I pick “Black Adam” as opposed to “Sivana”. I need a lap top, but I have no Idea what all the tech jargon is. I looked at the Dell, so I have to ask you so Laymen’s questions here:

Does it have word, excel and publisher (Publisher is not as important)?

Can I hook it up to the internet? (I have cable internet)

With the memory, could I add a program like my Bible software (Pradis)?

Hit me up!

West said...

To answer your questions:
re: "Does it have word, excel and publisher (Publisher is not important)?"

Actually, it does have Word and Excel pre-installed. I forgot to mention that in the auction. I'll have to add that.

re: "Can I hook it up to the internet?"

Definitely. It can connect to the internet via dial-up, cable/high-speed, and/or wirelessly.

re: "With the memory, could I add a program like my Bible software (Pradis)?"

Short answer - probably.

Long answer - I'm not familiar with that software, so I looked it up. Apparently, there are a number of Bible-themed programs, named Pradis, from that company. I didn't see any system requirements from them, but this system is just over a year old and has a decent amount of memory, so I think you'll probably be fine. To be absolutely sure, you'd want to look at your software requirements (or you could tell me about the computer you currently use with Pradis; if it's comparable to or less-advanced than this one, that would suggest that the Dell would work just fine).