Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you ever heard of those folks who seem to thrive on drama - who aren't satisfied with their relationships unless someone's yelling, fussing, fighting, or something? I've heard of guys who love it when their respective mates are calling them MF's and slapping them around. I've also heard of women who aren't happy unless they're questioning their mate's fidelity or he's doing them wrong in some way.

In my opinion, an example of the same thing, on a smaller scale, is when your mate doesn't give serious thought and consideration to your concerns... unless you're YELLING, SCREAMING, AND FLIPPING-THE-F-OUT!

It's like all the gentle, politely-expressed concerns fall on deaf ears. I wonder what it is that makes some people incapable of truly hearing their partners unless he or she is throwing a fit or packing their bags.

Many of us claim to want mature, drama-free, relationships supported by thoughtful, reciprocal communication but, as some expressed on my recent Bad Boys post, what we claim we want and what we actually seek out and embrace are two different things.

Maybe this post can serve as a reminder, to all of us, that maybe we could try a little harder to respect and receive our partners' feelings and concerns. Sometimes, waiting until someone reaches the breaking point is too late and you won't be able to get her to unpack her clothes and stay... or you won't be able to stop him from leaving the house in a huff.

Some say that, with regard to our biological health, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I have little doubt that this applies to our emotional (and relational) health, as well.

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