Friday, January 19, 2007

Photo - Me @ 33

I was okay with this pic, at first, but now I seem to look kinda cross-eyed.
The other one is very similar. Oh well.


Shai said...

Nice pic. You different here compard to your blog pic and you don't look cross-eyed to me. LOL.

West said...

Good to know. Thanks.

Different? Howso?

S. O'Brien said...

No doubt about it - you are definitely one amazing looking bruh.

West said...

Thanks, S.

chele said...

You're a young-looking 33.

West said...

You think? It's hard for me to tell, sometimes.

M'lady saw this pic and said that, if it weren't for that phone in my hand, I looked like I was about to start singin' some $#!+. Once I took another look, I cracked up, cuz she's right.

Shai said...

Different as in your facial hair is cut different and you are smiling on the blog pic.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Lol. I know dudes love hearing that. Is that your treo you are using? It takes good pics.

West said...

re: "I know dudes love hearing that."

Only if it's genuine.

re: "Is that your treo you are using?"

Yes, ma'am.

re: "It takes good pics."

Thanks. I wish it had a flash, but I hear most of the ones on phones aren't worth a darn, anyway.