Tuesday, December 19, 2006

♪ "You can't hide. I betcha." ♫

Do any of these people sound familiar:

1) Women who get up early in the morning to put on their make-up before their husbands or significant others wake up and see them.

2) The guy who keeps his bondage magazines hidden from his lady.

3) Girls who pretend to be dumber than they are so guys will like them.

4) The guy who's afraid to express emotion (hugging his family, etc.) because he's afraid he'll look unmanly.

It's amazing how afraid many of us are to reveal so many aspects of ourselves, content to wear emotional, intellectual, and even physical masks... forever.

Insecurities are human. Few, if any, of us are above them. Heck, fear can be very practical, useful, and even essential to survival.

But, there can be too much of a good thing.

I know not all relationships live up to the ideal, but shouldn't your significant other love the real you - or at least be able to stand to get a glimpse of the real you?

If I don't know what you look like without make-up, how freaky, intelligent, or emotional you are, then I don't know you. I'm fond of or in-love with a shell, with little idea of what's truly inside of it.

Q: "But what is s/he doesn't LIKE the real me?"

A: "Then, maybe your time would be better spend with someone who does."

Besides, the things we keep inside are going to see the light of day, eventually. Better to reveal them on your own terms.

Kinda like a fart - it feels a helluva lot better out than in.

By the way, those were just examples, not specific to anyone in-particular. There are plenty of other ways that we hide our true selves. Some folks are on the d.l. (y'know) while others stuff their bras and pants. Whatever.

Just know that, if you take too long, SOMEbody's gonna get their FEELINGS HURT when the truth comes out.


Anonymous said...

You are going to need to be real at some point so why fake it. I can not imagine waking up so I could look perfect before my dude woke up. Never happen.

Luke Cage said...

The amount of posturing that folks do to appear cool, or appear something that they are not is amazingly strange to me man. Talk about a waste of time, a waste of energy and what not! I'm glad that I never bowed down to that nonsense. But I digress (dedicated to Chele).. eventually, the real you will have to come out so why not let it come out from the beginning and be done with it? Whattup West?! Happy Holidays brah..

Shai said...

I think for some it is a habit they cannot break. So used to it they don't get when someone does not got for the fascade anymore. Or better yet the other person sees through the walls, masks, and insecurities and still wants to know the real person. But that person has been holed up so long they don't know what to do.

Yes, we should be transparent with our loved ones for some it is hard because of scars or even ignorance.