Thursday, December 07, 2006

TECH - Free? "Sirius"ly?

Short and sweet: I know some folks are really excited about the potential and present of satellite radio services like Sirius and XM (or are they the same thing?). Ed Cunard's a great example. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Recently, I posted about the Treo 700P and some software that transforms the device into an interesting alternative to Sirius (thus the title pun). One can simply choose between thousands of domestic and foreign (re: global) radio stations to find entertaining and informative programming.

Of course, satellite radio is commercial-free whereas that Treo service is just FREE.

Besides, the Treo goes with you everywhere, can do darn-near everything, and offers video programming as well as audio.

I prefer a higher one-time purchase price to paying for a service... forever. (Plus, there's the potential to pair the two, but I won't get into that right now unless someone brings it up in the comments section.)

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