Thursday, December 14, 2006

Plunging into Battle

I have won a great battle.

To the right you will find the tools I employed in this battle. One almost lead to my defeat. The other ensured my victory.

Though it is common for toilets to become clogged with matter of one sort or another, this was the first of the worst I've ever encountered. Something HAD to be done.

No really. Using my girlfriend's bathroom was really inconvenient because I was usually either disturbing her sleep or getting in her way.

Since we'd apparently trashed the old plunger when we moved, I purchased a new one - much like the brownish-reddish one in the picture. Though I struggled and struggled with grim determination and girlified pursed lips*, I failed miserably.

The bowl remained clogged and flushing (to check its status) lead to it almost over-flowing.

My girlfriend was sure that we needed Rid-X to chemically coerce and convince the debris to clear the channel. I, on the other hand, was all but convinced that a better physical tool, not chemical, was needed.

This time, I purchased a plunger much like the black one in the picture and lo the battle was fierce. Though I fought valiantly, success was denied me at every turn. Then I could hear my girlfriend's voice in my head: "I tolllld you that you needed to use Rid-X....!"

With renewed vigor did I once, again, approach yon porcelain beastie, thrusting my savage sword of wood and rubber into its gullet again and again. And though I did not emerge completely unscathed, I emerged triumphant, nonetheless.

The toilet was drained and I didn't have to wait all night for chemicals to do the job.

My name is West and I am the toilet bowl slayer... or the Tidy Bowl Man. Whichever.

* - (Even though there wasn't anything but paper in the water, it was STILL toilet water and I didn't wanna get a single drop on me.)


Miz JJ said...

Lol. I am so thankful that I have a plumber in the family.

Shai said...

A strong man scared of toilet water. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad you found the right tool for the throne fit for a king. LOL

chele said...

Note to chele: one more reason to consider cohabitation with B