Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sign of the Times (nods to Kelson)

Kelson's got a feature on his blog called "Signs of the Times," I believe, which I shamelessly rip off occasionally - the theme, that is.

Here's a pic I took, this evening, of a local store whose manager obviously has a special sense of humor:
I'm guessing the "& more" includes "a big, brass set o' balls."

I refuse to believe this is a simple matter of apathy or ignorance. With a name like "Badcock," you know what you're getting into.


princessdominique said...

Man where you do find these pictures. This is hilarious. My son and I used to make fun of signs with the lights in the letters out. We'd try to pronounce it. Like "aco ell"

Shai said...

I see me and my girls going to the club at night seeing the sign and cracking up. LOL>

Luke Cage said...


DivineLavender said...

At least someone realizes there is 'badcock' out there and you know what you are getting. So many times, you are blindsided by the badcocker-havers.

Thank you Store Developer for another point of clarification!

West said...

It wouldn't be so bad, during the day, but at night, the bright-ass "cock & more" really stands out.

Blah Blah Blah said...

if I saw that from the freeway...i'd be making all kinds of illegal manuevers tryna get to that store.