Thursday, November 30, 2006

Female Instigators

It's one thing to tempt fate. It's quite another to run up to fate and slap the shit out of it.

What is up with women-folk flippin' out on men... in public, yet?! Don't get me wrong, now. If some fool did you wrong, he did you wrong. Gender b'damned.

But even those that are done wrong can take THAT too far. I can tell a mo' fo' that his word ain't worth a damn or that she won't be getting any more free meals off of me, but to get all in someone's face - someone who's much bigger and stronger than you - and call him a low-down, dirty, good-for-nothing, triflin'-ass, pussy-ass BEEYITCH is to risk throwin' out your back as you reach down to the floor to pick your teeth back up.

Are you TRYIN' to get knocked the fuck out,...


I don't get that.
I know Chris Rock said there's nothin' like a woman "who KNOWWWWWS you ain't gon' hit her!" But dayum.

Really, this could go for everybody, but the freshest and funkiest (some combo) examples that come to-mind happen to involve women who've forgotten that you don't have to take every single SHRED of a man's dignity for some minor bit of triflin'.

I wish someone had offered this little reminder to this chick who hauled off and punched me in the eye, back in the day. That young lady needs to be sending Mother's Day, Christmas Greetings, and Thank You cards to my moms on a regular basis because it was ONLY due to the way my Momma raised me (and the fact that ol' girl's son was in the next room)... that I didn't put her silly ass through the floor.

It's a sad day when a man hits a woman, but that's NOT a free pass to provoke him.


Miz JJ said...

Interesting post. I never understand that as well, but I guess I figure a dude will hit me so I never go there. Plus, I have never had that kind of fight with a dude. I have thought that about dudes. That they are triffling and a low-down blah, blah, blah, but there is no coming back after those words leave my mouth. If I go off and say that then we are done because what does that say about me if I take you back after saying all that shit about you. Uh uh.

princessdominique said...

Funny that you post this. I've seen women provoke men. I posted what a woman did to my neighbor's car on the blog today and I'm telling you, she wants a beat down because dude can't drive it coming or going.

And uh why did she just up and punch you--although hands on is never warranted.

West said...

I'm not feelin' great, but I'll try to blog about it, this morning.