Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day after Thanksgiving '06

My cousin asked to come with me on my early-morning shopping spree, this morning.

Sales began at 5am, but luckily, that was 6am, Eastern time. Still, Pensacola time, we arrived at Best Buy at 5:05am to see a line so long that pictures could not do it justice. It was COLLLD.

So cold, in fact, that I was wearing a tank top, t-shirt, two sweatshirt hoodies, a skullcap, and a leather jacket, along with a pair of jeans and boots. I believe someone said it was in the thirties, though that's unconfirmed. Still, I was pretty bothered to see someone out there holding a pacifier-suckin' baby, which was covered with little more than a wind-breaker... an unzipped wind-breaker.

Then there was the hacking-ass, middle-aged, mullet-sporting woman who was out there wearing ... wait for it... a damned t-shirt. Apparently she's pretty fond of that nasty, bass-filled cough of hers. Good thing, cuz I don't think it's going anywhere.

An hour later, we finally made it into the store, after having by-passed and stepped over the shoes, chairs, and tents of those who'd arrived extremely early or stayed overnight. In fact, at one point, we heard an alarm clock go off and two sleepy-eyed young people emerged from a tent. I don't know what they gained from that, since they weren't in line, but *shrugs*

There were incredible sales on laptops (around $200), flash drives and cards, dvd's, harddrives, and all sorts of things - many of which were sold out by about 5:30am.


Among other things, I scooped up a 250GB external harddrive for about $69. After that, we briefly visited Circuit City, hit Wal-Mart, and replaced a cover for one of my rims (which was apparently damaged by the people who replaced my tires, last week... without a word to let me know).

I got some X-mas gifts taken care of and even got some stuff for my household. Not a bad haul and I got to spend a little time getting to know my young cousin.

Not a bad day.

P/S It didn't hurt that my (different) cousin's adorable baby boy has been around a lot, so I've gotten a lotta quality cheek-pinchin' and baby chasin' time in.


princessdominique said...

Sounds like fun, tempting even. Makes me wish I had gone out and done some shopping!

chele said...

I hate shopping. I wondered what the big deal was at Best Buy ... there were tents and campers outside the one here too.

Anonymous said...

I have my moments, sometimes I like shopping sometimes I don't. Since I don't really have money right now, I don't like shopping. But getting up to be at a store at 5am...Not! Fortunately my cousin that makes me go did not make it to town this year. :-)

I am glad you were successful and spent time with your cousin.

Miz JJ said...

I wish I could do that, but I am not into getting up that early.

Luke Cage said...

Really man? Folks camped out in tents??? Wow! I was always aware of Black Friday, but never knew to what extent folks went to to get the best prices. On line very early in the morning, yes... but camping out in tents? Well, that's a bit extreme..! So, what did you get a brotha, I mean what else did you get yourself besides the harddrive? :)