Friday, November 03, 2006

Be Foolish

Be brave enough to be foolish.

Have the courage to take risks even if you think they may result in a little egg on your face. Foolishness is the boogey-monster for adults. In this life, we've built up this idea that not succeeding is the same thing as failing... and that scares us more than Freddy Krueger ever did.

Be brave enough to risk...
  • * saying the wrong answer in class. You might get it right, next time.
  • * looking silly in public. You might actually have fun.
  • * having to close the doors of your business. You may regret never opening it more than having to close it.
  • * getting a divorce. As long as you enter a marriage with your eyes open, you can leave it with your head held high... IF you have to.
  • * not getting the job of your dreams. It is through risk that we grow and achieve our goals.
If the possibility that you'll succeed doesn't motivate you enough, at least don't let the fear of "failure" inhibit you too much.

I think it's healthy to take a moment, once in a while, to reconsider how we define "failure" and what makes it so worthy of our fear?

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