Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wesley Snipes: Wanted... for tax evasion

I really don't want to see Wesley go down like this.

source: CNN
'TAMPA, Florida (AP) -- Movie actor Wesley Snipes, star of "White Men Can't Jump" and the "Blade" films, was indicted Tuesday on eight counts of tax fraud accusing him of trying to cheat the government of $12 million in false refund claims.

Snipes, 44, also failed to file tax returns for six years, according to an indictment unsealed in Tampa, Florida.

Federal prosecutors said that Snipes fraudulently claimed refunds totaling nearly $12 million in 1996 and 1997 on income taxes already paid.


Snipes faces a maximum of 16 years in prison.

Snipes, who had a home in Windermere, Florida, has not been arrested because authorities don't know where he is, the IRS said.'
It's not just the alleged tax evasion; it's the alleged evasion of the authorities.

We don't need a white-collar O.J.

P/S What's up with the pimp-a-licious pic CNN used? He looks like Shaft or somethin'.


Luke Cage said...

Dammnnn! Not another one. Why, oh why would these guys mess around with the IRS? Not to mention, didn't he learn from Mr. Big himself, Ron Isley sent to prison earlier this year for 3 years? The IRS does NOT play man... What a shame.

West said...

I didn't know Isley was sent to prison. Man.

chele said...

Yeah, Mr. Bigs got caught up too. It's a shame ... thinking you can beat Uncle Sam.

West said...


JoJo D. said...

Poor Wesley. Well, you know he dates exclusively Asian, so maybe they might try looking there for him.

Poor thing. 12 million, huh?

West said...

Yeah, but I confess ignorance.
I don't know if they're saying that's what he owed, that's what he received fraudulently, or what.