Monday, October 02, 2006

"Pink for October"

Wondering what's up with all the pink?

No, I'm not trying to "Keep It Gay."

I stopped by viperteq's blog and saw the following reasons for the temporary pinkification of his site:
"According to the website, Breast Cancer affects millions of women across the globe each year. It is considered the number one cause of death and is being researched very thoroughly to find a cure.’s mission was to get as many websites as possible to change the look of their site in some way to show support and solidarity and to raise awareness for this cause. Now I don’t know any women personally that are dealing with this deadly disease, but my family is comprised 90% of women: if there is any chance that my involvement in whatever can help raise awareness and help put an end to this, then I want in!!"
Sounds like a damned good idea, to me.

In fact, viperteq went a step further with the following challenge that I thought was worth sharing with you:
"Now I didn’t want to just change the font color and stop there. I feel that there is always something more that can be done. With that said, starting today anyone who posts a comment on this thread with the sentence "I support Pink for October", I will donate $1.00 US to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation."
So, if you'd like to participate, I urge you to at least temporarily, change your website's look to something pink-ish, post in viperteq's thread, and spread the word for a worthy cause.

My own and my girlfriend's family have seen our doorsteps darkened by the shadow of breast cancer - in some cases, multiple times. I think viperteq's got the right idea, by trying to up the ante and big more awareness (not to mention funds) to this situation.

I hope you'll partipate, as well, even if it's just with a quick blurb on your own sites. Thanks.

By the way, if you decide to change your template, you might want to save everything as-is, first. Y'know, just in case.


Stoяmy Dazέ said...

I am going to do this. Give me a day or so to design something Pink. I am with you this is an excellent cause!

I commend you!

Miz JJ said...

Great cause. I did the Run for the Cure this weekend with some friends. Love the pink!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, this is good. I think I will have to do this to. Of course it may take me a few days as well.

MzNewAgenda said...

I changed mine to pink :-) joining in the fight. My Aunt is a survivor!

Luke Cage said...

When I saw the pink, I already knew what you were doing man. My wife's mother passes away from Breast Cancer when she was in her teens. She's taken up the cause with pink pins, streamers in her office in our home and informing me annually, to always spread the word. Very nicely done my friend. Mad kudo's for this.

Son of Blog-El said...

See, that's part of your problem, brother. You put the pink on a pedestal!

Actually, I knew what you were doing. I have lost too many relatives to this disease not to know. Of course I also work at a medical school.