Monday, October 16, 2006

COMEDY - Aries Spears

My man, Luke Cage, mentioned Aries Spears' skills of impersonation, suggesting that we check him out via ON DEMAND.

If that's not an option for you, at the moment, here's a lil YouTube love. From what I can tell, there's more out there.

Chele mentioned being very impressed with his Denzel impression. Now I wanna try to find that, too.

Anyway, enjoy.


Luke Cage said...

Brotha West, this guy's impressions are ridiculous. I have to admit, I like ribbing my family and friends and mock their walks and some of their mannerisms. From what I've heard, I do a pretty good impression. But this Guy, actually BECOMES the people he's mimicking. If you were to turn your head, and not know he was doing an impression, you'd think it was the real person! Anyway, I hope you get to check the brotha out man. Thanks for the clip!

West said...

You're absolutely right.

If that were just an audio clip, I'd have been completely fooled.