Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TECH - New Treo release: 700wx

source: TreoCentral.com

The latest new model of the Treo smartphone is now available through Sprint PCS (although I'm sure other carriers will follow) and it makes me glad I didn't jump on the 700w, when it debuted. Apparently, the 700wx offers MUCH more storage capacity than its predecessor, along with a few other tweaks like built-in dial-up networking (at a hefty price, if I know Sprint) and out-of-the-box support of Palm's wi-fi card (that's sexy).

TreoCentral will offer a more comprehensive review, tomorrow, but a preliminary review is available, now.

The TreoCentral messageboard has answers to some of the more technical questions about this device, which sports the same hardware as the 700w, but which offers somewhat different functionality.
One reason I'll pass on it, is the fact that it doesn't offer the kind of text messaging I'm used to on my Treo 650. I'm not exactly sure HOW it differs, but it's clear that it's not as simple, which is something of a deal-breaker for me - especially since I already wasn't too fond of the 700w's and 700wx's lower screen resolution and "real estate."

Apparently, sending picture mail requires using Outlook and is more complicated than I'd like. Of course, it seems that the e-mail application is much better than what the Treo 650 offers (VersaMail), so I guess it's all about give-and-take.

I'm still kinda excited about this debut, though.

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