Thursday, August 24, 2006

TECH - Americans need not apply.

An MSN article, which m'lady was kind enough to forward to me, teased the tech-enthusiasts among us, by giving us a peek at some of the cool-ass European/Asian gadgets that may never make it to the U.S. They started off with a couple of scenarios involving existing products:

A woman is getting ready for a night out with friends. She looks at her clunky PDA/cell phone and her small clutch purse. Clearly, this is not going to work. She opens the back of her phone and removes the small SIM chip. Then she picks up what looks like her lipstick but is actually her Nokia 7380 phone and replaces the chip into it. She turns on the 7380 to make sure her friends' mobile numbers are in the address book stored on the SIM. Doing a final make-up check in the tiny mirror on the back of the phone, she slips the 7380 into her purse and leaves her apartment.

On his drive to visit a factory on the city’s outer limits, a business manager looks at his dashboard-mounted Vitas Global Positioning System (GPS) to ensure he’ll arrive on time. He matches the buildings on the small screen to the buildings in front of him and pulls into the correct parking lot. Seeing that he is a few minutes early, he switches on the Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) service on the device to catch a few minutes of a World Cup match. Noting that the screen feels a bit sticky, he concludes that his daughter has been playing Flash games on the device again.

Ain't dat a #@$^@?! They were even considerate enough to extend the teasing by including a slide-show of more sweet gadgetry. Here's an example:
MSN's "Techs & Gadgets" describes it so:
"Sexy design meets high-tech features in the Nokia 7380. Instead of a 10-button keypad, the phone comes equipped with a “spinner” interface for making calls."


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