Thursday, August 10, 2006

Postal workers gone casual?

I know a guy who works at the Post Office, so I should probably just ask him, but...

Have any of you noticed that a lot of mail carriers, these days, are dressed in casual wear while doing their rounds?

At first, it was just the occasional carrier - usually someone other than our usual guy. Now, it seems that almost every postal worker (at least the ones who deliver to my job) are wearing their civvies, with a USPS badge around their necks.

Is this just a Florida thing? Is this just a Florida, while it's hotter-n-hades-in-the-Summer thing?

I ain't mad at'em, I guess. Although I did think ol' girl was delivering some food, this afternoon. It took a second to realize she was bringing mail instead of munchies.


Remnants of U said...

Ha! Maybe it is a Florida thing. The postal worker in my building at work wears the regular blue USPS short set. The shorts are rather tight, and look a little polyester, so I can imagine that not being comfortable summer wear.

West said...

You're right about'em being tight... on the women and Black folks, anyway.

I guess the white males don't play that.

S'funny that it's apparently a FL thing.