Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tyler Perry - most bankable?

AOL's got an article about the most bankable Hollywood stars, measured, not just by gross sales, but by the return on the financiers' investments.

Check out the winners of BusinessWeek.com's new ROI Award, which goes to the actor with the highest return on investment for movie studios

Sandler is hardly the leader among the most bankable guys to mug for the camera and see their name up in lights. That distinction goes to a little-known comedian named Tyler Perry, who burst out of nowhere with a couple of midsize hits in the past two years; Diary of a Mad Black Woman in 2005 and Madea's Family Reunion earlier this year. Neither film passed the magic $100 million mark reserved for blockbusters, but neither one cost more than $6 million to produce. The result: the 37-year old writer and comedian takes top honors in BusinessWeek.com's ROI Award for Hollywood's big earners.

. . .

For male stars, Perry has a 120% ROI, meaning that for every dollar Lionsgate Entertainment paid in marketing and production costs for his two films, Perry returned $2.20, or a $1.20 benefit to his backers. Not bad for a guy who only recently got his first break after writing plays and touring the country with a show aimed at African Americans. Of course, how much longer Perry can keep delivering such staggering returns is open to question. Costs for his films no doubt will soon start going up; a Hollywood tradition.

Perry's certainly got his critics (I'm less of a critic of his work than I am indifferent to it) but these numbers are impressive.


chele said...

His numbers are impressive. I hope he comes out with something that is "non-Madea". I want to know if he truly has talent or if it's just a passing fad.

West said...

I heard something on NPR, yesterday or the day before, about his future plans. He said one or more of his upcoming projects won't feature the Madea character or him acting, at all.

I guess you'll have your answer soon.

Luke Cage said...

On the marketing front, dude is a BEAST!!! I can't really get into the Madea movies, and I really did try, but dude is in a dress okay? I'm not knocking his hustle because as a fellow brotha, I'm rooting for him to kill Hollyweird. But like Chele has mentioned. I'd like to see him do something non-Madealike. Rock it Tyler!