Thursday, July 13, 2006

COMICS - Marvel's "Civil War"

luke cage asked the following, which I thought I'd comment on here:
Hey West, on other matters: what do you think of the current Civil War going on in Marvel? Whose side are you on man?
I think Civil War is an absolutely great (recycled) idea, but that it's often more interesting in concept than in execution.

Ever since the Mutant Registration Act days, I've thought that it makes sense for the government to want keep tabs on who's got what powers. However, I can understand people not wanting to trust the government, in this regard.

It's funny that Captain America chose not to side with the government. I think a strong case could be made for his choice, but it's still interesting. The Spidey stuff is great, for the most part. I don't care for how they portrayed the New Warriors, at all.
I also peep Young Avengers, New Avengers, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, Astonishing X-Men, Justice, Spawn and Sam & Twitch.
I'm interested in Young Avengers, although I'm behind on it since I only collect trades and hardcovers. I'm less interestedin New Avengers, but I like some of the stuff they've done. Until they put out a big twelve-issue hardcover volume, though, I'm not going to buy it.

I like Spider-Man's latest costume. In fact, I started a poll about it on another forum and was pleasantly surprised to find that about half of the respondents would be fine with keeping it around for the long-term.

There are some interesting developments in this title. Although I don't think it makes a lot of sense for him or his family to have made the choices they did regarding revealing his identity to the world, it's still interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing how things progress.

I'm about to cancel my ultimate line of X-Men, Spider-man (at 100) and maybe the Fantastic Four. The art there is incredible...
The art's incredible, but you're going to cancel it, anyway? Does that mean you think the writing stinks or...?

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Luke Cage said...

The art's incredible, but you're going to cancel it, anyway? Does that mean you think the writing stinks or...?

Right now man, the writing is great, but the art is phenomenal!! The only reason I'll quit is when they do away with the current team which they always seem to do as the title is going from hot to redhot. I tried the Ultimate line to see how it was, and I just can't get with the toying of continuity.

Revamping the origins that I was familiar with in my youth and the absence of actually feeling broke up when characters die, they stay dead. Not today. You don't get that feeling of loss when a major character bites it. You just know that they are going to come back somehow... and in the lamest way possible... siiigh...